General Garden Maintenance

Mcpolin Garden Maintenance options

Mcpolin Garden Landscaping, are qualified in fitting and maintaining private and commercial garden grounds, to get the most out of your premises.

Simply by looking at the work we have done and looking at our clients testimonials, Mcpolin are the most reliable team to improve the landscape of your gardens, patios, business grounds, parks and pathways.

Areas that we cover in our general garden maintenance packages are:

  • Preping grounds and soils
  • Removal of weeds, tree roots and areas that may cause structural disruption to buildings
  • Mowing and edge strimming of pathways
  • Racking leaves
  • Litter picking
  • Planting new plants, and pruning hedges, trees and conifers
The tools for the job

Here, at Mcpolin, we have invested time and money into researching and purchasing the best possible tools for all types of gardening maintenance jobs, whether they are large of small.

Garden Landscaping and Maintenance contracts

When we undertake a project from start to finish, we ensure that every inch of your garden or grounds are considered. We take our clients through step by step, what is needed, the timescales and how we can work with them to keep their premises in check throughout the year. This involves a contracted maintenance package that can be carried out per month.

Feel free to contact us to know more about our garden maintenance packages that we can customise to suit your grounds or gardens.